25th Mar 2021

Pricing Comparison

ChatPion is a white label self-hosted PHP script-- a complete software for Facebook Messenger Marketing. It consists of a Facebook chatbot builder, eCommerce store inside Messenger, Facebook & Instagram comment growth tool, Facebook & Instagram post scheduler, Email & SMS marketing automation, and social media management tools. In one word, it’s complete Multichannel marketing software.

Now come to the point. What’s the main difference between other Messenger Marketing service providers and ChatPion …?

ChatPion is a self-hosted Whitelabel SaaS PHP script. You can buy the application at a one-time price for a lifetime. Moreover, there is no limit to using the software.

Self-hosted means you will get the full software with code. You have to install it in your own webserver. That is, you will get full control over the software.

Whitelabel means you can change the software name, logo, favicon, and so on.

SaaS means ChatPion is a multi-user platform. You can use the software by yourself and can create unlimited users of the software.

ChatPion has two types of Licenses: Regular License and Extended License. With the Extended License, you can sell software services to the end-users and take payment from them. To learn more about the difference between ChatPion Regular License and Extended, read the article.

On the other hand, with normal service providers, you can open your account, pay monthly fees depending on your use cases, various limits depending on your plan & price.

Now explore the significant advantages of using PHP script like ChatPion over the other service provider.

Costing, freedom, and control.

There is a huge difference in cost between ChatPion and other service providers. If you use any of the normal service providers, you have to spend a big amount of money since the more your business grows, the more you have to pay to the service provider.

On the other hand, if you buy ChatPion at a one-time price, you will get complete software with codebase. You just need to install the software on your own server and configure it. Then you start using the software with complete access over it. Unlike other service providers, you don’t have to pay further no matter how big your business is or how many clients or subscribers you have.

Now let’s talk about installation and configuration that may seem to you a bit complex if you are a non-technical person. But no need to worry. Installing and configuring ChatPion is pretty easy and straightforward.

I will discuss everything on how to easily set up ChatPion. Likewise, I will show you the actual costing difference between ChatPion and other service providers. Keep reading.

Suppose you are using any of the other chatbot building service providers. Your costing will be very high. Besides, your costing will increase as the number of your subscriber will rise.

Now let’s calculate how much you have to pay per month and year based on the number of your subscribers if you use any of the other service providers.

If you have 10K subscribers, the cost will be around $65 per month = $780 per Year.

If you have 50K subscribers, the cost will be around $235 per month = $2820 per Year.

If you have 100K subscribers, the cost will be around $435 per month = $5220 per Year.

Nowadays, 10K subscribers in Messenger, of course, is very common since a lot of people worldwide use Facebook & Messenger. And becoming a subscriber in Messenger much easier than becoming a subscriber in Emails. Therefore, you will have more subscribers in messenger and the cost will be high if you use any normal chatbot building service provider because the cost of using any chatbot building service provider depends on the number of messenger subscribers.

You shouldn’t spend too much money on a normal chatbot building service provider while you can build your chatbot with low costing but with great quality, using ChatPion.

As for messenger marketing for your business, ChatPion comes as a great solution for you-- One-time price, lifetime use. There is no limit to using ChatPion. Meaning, one-time cost for any number of subscribers. It doesn’t matter if you have 1000k or more messenger subscribers. In one word, the cost of using ChatPion doesn’t depend on the number of your subscribers.

You will get a special advantage if you use the Extended License of ChatPion. With the Extended License of ChatPion, you can build your own software service providing business. Simply put, not only you can use ChatPion for your personal use but also you can establish a new SaaS-- Software as Service-- business with a very small amount of money.

Now let’s talk about the cost of the Regular license of ChatPion for personal use. Later in this article, I will talk about the cost of the Extended License of ChatPion.

Purchase ChatPion at only $49 now for a lifetime.

To run the Regular License of ChatPion, you need web hosting and a domain most of you already have. Of course, you can use your current domain and hosting. ChatPion can even work in most shared hosting & domain, subdomain, or subfolder. So you may not require additional cost for domain hosting if you already have.

Also, installation is so much easy. You can install the ChatPion with just a few clicks. Of course, ChatPion has documentation and video tutorial on how to install ChatPion. To install ChatPion, you just have to follow the commands in the documentation and video tutorial.

Anyway, if you are unwilling to install ChatPion, you can hire anyone from the ChatPion community to install ChatPion only for $5-$6.

Now you need Facebook App approval, which is also simple. No need to mention, we have well-written documentation and video tutorial on how to get app approval. You just need to follow the commands. And if you are unwilling, you can hire someone to do the job for you from the ChatPion community to get Facebook App Approval only for $20- $50.

ChatPion main script has a classic bot builder with a form option which is good enough to start with. Then when you are ready to go, you may think about some add-ons for advanced chatbot features like visual drag & drop flow builder which price is $99 for a lifetime.

That’s it for a lifetime. You don’t have to pay further. And you have to spend money on third-party extensions. In one word, you don’t need any more cost to run Chatbot.

So in total, you may require $230 maximum to set up your own Messenger marketing software with visual flow builder. And you can use it unlimited. Also, ChatPion runs various types of promotions by giving a good discount occasionally. Therefore, if you purchase ChatPion during a deal, you can get ChatPion at a lower price-- sometimes with half of the price. You can sign-up to our site to get newsletters about the various events including promotions.

Now come to the Saas business-building option. With ChatPion Extended License you can build your own Facebook Messenger Chatbot building service providing business and take payments from your end-users.

Happy chatbot building

If you have questions, feel free to ask. We are here to help you always.

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